Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Basic Biochemistry

Examples, Articles, & Animations
Amazing Animations! - One of my favorite sites!  Very interesting animations on several cell biology processes.  Animations are step-by-step which allows time for explanation.

Water Interactions Animation- Short animation with general information on water and it’s chemical interactions

Dissolving Animation - Short animation that demonstrates how ionic compounds dissolve

Metabolic Reactions Animation - Great animations on enzyme catalyzed reactions and general metabolic reactions

Lipid Animation - Site with basic lipid information and simple animation on how a triglyceride forms

Chemical Bond Animation - site with basic information and animations on the formation of chemical bonds

Salt Dissolve - Animation showing how salt dissolves in water

Biology shorts – a selection of very short flash animations showing multiple biochemical processes, i.e. enzyme function, hydrogen bonding, protein folding, etc.

Enzymes – simple animations that go through the basics of enzymes and inhibition.

You-tube videos – a selection of clips on you-tube that cover topics from basic DNA and cell structure to genetic engineering and disease processes.

Medical Molecules – List of molecules and information that are significant to the human body or medicine.

Lab Exercises, Activities, & Games
Carbon Mission Activity - Fun site that takes students through basic chemistry information centered around the carbon atom and through interactive “missions”

Atom Creation - Fun site where students create atoms.

Chemistry Target Practice – Game that allows students to review basic chemistry concepts

Biology Project – Comprehensive site with tutorials and animations followed by quiz questions.

Study Help & Practice Quizzes
Interactive Chemistry Quizzes – Large Collection of quizzes for chemistry review in multiple areas

Sparknotes – provides a quick overview of topics followed by review problems

Webquests & Additional Student Worksheets
Element Adventure Webquest – Project centered around an individual element.  I would recommend assigning students elements related to health and medicine (phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium, etc.)

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