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Earn through Pay To Click(PTC) Sites Introduction to PTC


Pay To Click sites offers you to visit an advertisement for 10-30 seconds and will get paid up to $0.1 per advertisement.

How Its Work:

Suppose an Advertiser or a company  buy an ad named "AVG Anti virus"on a PTC site for $100.Now thousands of free members at PTC site view that advertisement every day.The PTC site paid $80 to its free members for viewing advertisement and save $20 as its commission.In the above story three people gets benefits:
  1. Advertiser (as his product is viewed by thousands of people)
  2. PTC members (they get paid by viewing the advertisement)
  3. PTC site owner (He saves a commission by displaying an advertisement on his site)

Get Started:

 Step #1:

In order to get started you must have an account on a online payment processor sites.You have to link your"PTC" sites to "Online  Payment Processor" sites by creating a free account on payment processor sites.Once you got your payment in your "Online Payment Processor "account than you can get it by"Bank Wire" and by "Check" into your country.Below is the list of popular "Online Payment Processors":
  1. Alert Pay
  2. PayPal  

 Step #2:

Now you have to create an account on PTC sites.Below is the list of popular and trusted PTC sites,click on banners and get registered .It is easy and simple to join PTC sites, you will enjoy.Happy clicking:)






MatrixMails - Get paid






Some PTC are "spam" they do not pay you after a month of work on them so be care full.The above mention sites are honest,trust full and they paid there members as well.I also get paid from them.Below I show you some of payment proofs.

 Video Tutorials

 Payments Proof

------------------------------------------ Best Wishes: Dr.Ehab Aboueladab, Tel:01007834123, ------------------------------------------


------------------------------------------ Best Wishes: Dr.Ehab Aboueladab, Tel:01007834123, ------------------------------------------

17 companies in Egypt.

There are 17 companies in Egypt.
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Click for full site informationAfri Medical, Egypt 
 The Right Way Is The Only Way has been the philosophy of Afri Medical, since it was just a blue print project. In facing up challenges Afri Medical is ever conscious of the need to maintain its lead with achieving what you expect. 
Click for full site informationAM-Egypt, EgyptDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D 
 M Egypt was established in 1998 as a diagnostic and research products distributor to the clinical and research laboratory market in Egypt. It was founded by Professor Dr. Ashraf A. Hassan who is a Professor of Medical Biochemistry. AM Egypt has gained its 
Click for full site informationAmer Society of Consultant Phar, EgyptAcademiaCommercial R&D 
 Information and resources to help you get started in consultant and senior care pharmacy. For students and new practitioners, and for any pharmacist looking to get more deeply involved in consultant and/or senior care pharmacy. 
Click for full site informationArkedia International, EgyptManufacturerOTC Pharma 
 ARKEDIA International is a fast growing pharmaceutical company that was found in 2002 and intended to be a greater access to the health care of our customers
brochureSeem Lozenges
brochureBiostrine Mouthwash
Click for full site informationBiopyramids 2004, EgyptManufacturerDistributor/Vendor 
 This summit will provide valuable and up-to-date insights and strategies on many aspects of Validation, Quality, Compliance and National and International Regulatory issues.  
Click for full site informationBiovax, Egypt 
 BIOVAX is a development stage biotechnology company with a focus on developing several new vaccines for treating cancer.  
Click for full site informationEgyptian Exporters Association, EgyptNot-For-Profit OrgManufacturerDistributor/VendorCommercial R&DGovernment R&D 
 Egyptian Exporters Association - EEA is a nonprofit organization founded by the Egyptian private sector exporters in 1997 with a common belief in the potential of Egyptian exports. 
Click for full site informationEgyptian genetic engineering information net, EgyptTechnical Info/Web PortalDatabase 
 The Egyptian Genetic Engineering Information Net provides searchable resources: relevant news, vast number of publications, database of scientists, brief biographies, comprehensive glossary, online tools, categorized directory of websites, important annouEgyptian genetic engineering information net
Click for full site informationEgyptian International Pharma Ind Co (EIPICO), Egypt 
Click for full site informationHegaz Medical, EgyptDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D 
Click for full site informationMemphis Co for Pharm and Chem Industry, EgyptNot-For-Profit OrgGovernment R&D 
 The company through its affiliated companies is allocating its Investments & Capital in Manufacturing, Importing, Exporting,Distribution & Trade of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Medical Appliances & Equipments. 
Click for full site informationPharco Pharmaceuticals, Egypt 
 Pharco pharmaceutical manufactures and markets more than 250 brand and generic products which almost cover all pharmacological drug groups and all conventional pharmaceutical dosage forms. 
Click for full site informationSabryCorp, EgyptManufacturerDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D 
 SabryCorp. Discover. Learn. Grow. Advancing the developing world, together. SabryCorp applies advanced science and knowledge to provide integrated solutions for sustainable development worldwide. 
Click for full site informationT3A Pharma Group, EgyptBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO 
 T3A Pharma is pleased to announce the availability of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for contract manufacturing.Cephalosporin facility for sterile and non-sterile products, Non-cephalosporin facility for tablets, semi-solids, liquids, FacilitT3A Pharma Group
Click for full site informationTechno Scient Hussein Nagui & Co, Egypt 
 We are one of the most popular companies in Egypt working in surveying and laboratory instruments. Website under construction.  
Click for full site informationVacsera, Egypt 
Click for full site informationVitro Scient Company, Egypt 
 Through the dedication of our employees and the high performance of our products, Vitroscient will consistently exceeds customer�s expectations in development and manufacturing of diagnostic reagents. 

Total Organization Count: 17

------------------------------------------ Best Wishes: Dr.Ehab Aboueladab, Tel:01007834123, ------------------------------------------