Friday, September 21, 2012

Earn through Pay To Click(PTC) Sites Introduction to PTC


Pay To Click sites offers you to visit an advertisement for 10-30 seconds and will get paid up to $0.1 per advertisement.

How Its Work:

Suppose an Advertiser or a company  buy an ad named "AVG Anti virus"on a PTC site for $100.Now thousands of free members at PTC site view that advertisement every day.The PTC site paid $80 to its free members for viewing advertisement and save $20 as its commission.In the above story three people gets benefits:
  1. Advertiser (as his product is viewed by thousands of people)
  2. PTC members (they get paid by viewing the advertisement)
  3. PTC site owner (He saves a commission by displaying an advertisement on his site)

Get Started:

 Step #1:

In order to get started you must have an account on a online payment processor sites.You have to link your"PTC" sites to "Online  Payment Processor" sites by creating a free account on payment processor sites.Once you got your payment in your "Online Payment Processor "account than you can get it by"Bank Wire" and by "Check" into your country.Below is the list of popular "Online Payment Processors":
  1. Alert Pay
  2. PayPal  

 Step #2:

Now you have to create an account on PTC sites.Below is the list of popular and trusted PTC sites,click on banners and get registered .It is easy and simple to join PTC sites, you will enjoy.Happy clicking:)






MatrixMails - Get paid






Some PTC are "spam" they do not pay you after a month of work on them so be care full.The above mention sites are honest,trust full and they paid there members as well.I also get paid from them.Below I show you some of payment proofs.

 Video Tutorials

 Payments Proof

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