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Amino Acids & Proteins
Biochemistry Website at UCSB with Chime displays of amino acids and proteins.
· Structure and Packing of the Alpha Helix A detailed tutorial on the -helix and on the uses of the RasMol command line. From Duane Sears and coworkers at University California, Santa Barbara.
· Structure and Packing of the Beta Pleated Sheet A detailed tutorial on the -sheet and on the uses of the RasMol command line. From Duane Sears and coworkers at University California, Santa Barbara.
The Online Macrmolecular Museum at Cal Lutheran University.
Web Biochemistry Amino acid and protein tutorials (with quizzes) at Curtin University in Perth, W. Australia.
Biological Sciences 102 Home Page at UC Davis.
Medical Biochemistry at Univ. Kansas Medical Center. Elegant Chime displays from a slow server.
The Biology Hypertextbook Home Page at MIT. Many topics are displayed as GIFs, with self-quizzes on each topic.
Interactive Biochemistry at the University of Virginia. Some of the topics require Java to be enabled (Under Netscape's Options menu, choose Network Preferences..., then Languages.) The above link will open a new Netscape page (785 x 475). If you prefer, use a direct link to the same content.
Biomolecular Structures at Göteborg University (Sweden) shows molecules as Chime images with brief explanations.

Metabolic Pathways of Biochemistry Major pathways are shown as 2-D (GIFs) or 3-D (Chime images) with each on a single page.
The Glycolysis Pathway View substrates, and products (GIFs); and enzyme structures (RasMol).
Image map to KLOTHO files.
Select an EC number to obtain further information on enzyme and reaction catalyzed.
Design It Yourself Glycolysis Homepage. Stepwise quiz on the pathway.
Step by Step Glycolysis. Fact Sheet; Reaction & Animation (Windows 3.1).

TCA Cycle
TCA Cycle Intermediates using Chime with capsule comments at Univ. Kansas Medical Center.
TCA Cycle Problem Solving (MS Windows Only).

General & Miscellaneous
Principles of Protein Structure using the internet. Detailed explanations and informative graphics on all aspects of the topic.
Biochemistry: A Virtual Text, to accompany Biochemistry, 2nd edition by Mathews and van Holde. Mostly GIFs and JPEGs, but some structures can be viewed with RasMol or Chime.
Dictionary of Science and Technology, a cross-referenced source that explains all of the terms used here. Provides GIF graphics of some of the molecules.
Swiss-Quiz Multiple choice questions on molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. (Perfect scores are rewarded with some Swiss chocolate!)
O Dictionary Library for Hetero Compounds is a catalog of more than 1100 "hetero compounds" found in the Protein Data Bank. This comprehensive listing (150Kb) allows the user to view the molecules with the Chime plug-in. The same information in a linked seven page format (30K per page) is also available.
Periodic Tables of the Elements with clickable links to their chemical and physical properties, etc.

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