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chemistry animation

Chemistry For Dummies (Flash Animation)

Learn about classroom lab safety the fun way in this (only) episode of Chemistry for Dummies. Before anyone else asks: It took about ... 10 hours ...
by TomcatBlackAce  1 year ago  14,258 views

Animations of Chemistry Principles

Created as a teaching aid for college level chemistry, these animations illustrate things like filtration, osmosis and particulate matter.
by EdwardHowellDesign  2 years ago  6,683 views

Chemistry VSEPR Theory

Animation of different types of molecular structures. Blue represents central atom, white represents outer atoms, red represents lone electron ...
by Starjester1  2 years ago  85,788 views

Animation project: "Chemistry - our life, our future"

Final version, complete with my disgusting voiceover. By Francesca Morris.
by nerdykid252  9 months ago  1,027 views

Chemistry Commercial Project - 3D Animated Short Film

This is my 2nd Short. Made using Blender and iMovie in three days. I was suppose to make a commercial about chemistry and I practically waited ...
by Nottartsydoc  1 year ago  618 views

Hinterland Chemistry Animation

We're working on an animated video for our song chemistry
by hinterlandrock  5 years ago  2,661 views

Chemistry Project Animation

by tyler1475  11 months ago  163 views

chemistry amonia 2d animation

funny animation
by ranjithcpk  2 years ago  2,312 views

"Investigating Chemistry"- A short animated film

Produced at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, 2010
by sandhyaprabhat  4 months ago  80 views

Chemistry Animation (The Nitro Group)

A qualitative briefing on the organic Nitro group.
by cfrend  5 years ago  349 views

Claymation - Chemistry Animation Final

The FINAL version/edition/rewrite of my Chemistry Project on Nuclear Subs and the Reactors they use for power... I had my mate Connor do the Sean ...
by Proinventor91  2 years ago  436 views

Five Major Chemical Reactions

Animation explaining the five major chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, and combustion
by kosasihiskandarsjah  3 years ago  185,436 views

Meet the Elements - They Might Be Giants - Official video

Science 123s ABCs They Might Be Giants animation graphics meet the elements elephants molecule atom grammy chemistry periodic table Particle Men ...
by ParticleMen  2 years ago  455,929 views

Chemical Fume Hood Animation in English

a laboratory safety project by Dartmouth College & The National Institute of Health "Chemical Fume Hood: How it Works to Protect You"
by Dartmouth  1 year ago  7,854 views

3D DNA structure rotating model animation body project genes genetics blood biology chemistry

3D DNA structure rotating model animation my project genes genetics blood biology bodychemistry thanks to Pete Smith for music
by vbkingofvideo  3 weeks ago  58 views

Allergic Reaction to Peanuts: Animation for Chemistry

I am getting the idea that a lot of my videos nowadays are school projects.
by thedubber3000  2 months ago  55 views

Slideshow MEP Original Art or Animation (OPEN) Perfect Chemistry - AMV Alliance

This is an OPEN Slideshow MEP we are also allowing Original art and Original animation, but be sure to folow the rules please :) Hear the music ...
by TheAMVAlliance  3 months ago  372 views

chemistry animation project

by jujusteerf  1 year ago  144 views

Chemical Reactions

animated chemical reactions. On the pages of books. Suggested and explained to me by Aron "Irv" or "Ike" Yelensky Goodner, a scientist at 3M.
by geniuschristie  4 years ago  17,795 views


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