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One Word Answer Type Questions- Choose the correct answer-Vitamins-set -1(Unsolved)

1) Methyl Malonic aciduria is associated with vitamin B6/ B12 deficiency.

 2) Glycogen synthesis/ degradation requires Vitamin B6.        

3) Carboxylation/Decarboxylation reactions require Biotin.  

4) In Vitamin B12 deficiency Folate is trapped in the demethylated/methylated form.                                                                                        

5) The coenzyme form of pyridoxine is Pyridoxal phosphate/ Pyridoxol phosphate.                                                                                                                                  

 6) Hydroxylation/Dehydrogenation reactions require riboflavin.    

7) Pellagra is associated with deficiency of B1/ B3.                

8) The Dehydro/Hydroxylated form is the active form of ascorbic acid.

9) Methotrexate competitively inhibits synthesis of reduced form of Niacin/ Folic acid.                                                                                                      

10) Xanthurenic acid test is for theassessment of B6/ Folic aciddeficiency

11) Intrinsic factor is required for the absorption of vitamin B6/ B12

12) Menadione/ Menaquinone is a synthetic form of vitamin K

13) Carboxylation/Decarboxylation reactions require B6.      

14) The absorbable form of Thiamine is Free Thiamine/TPP      

15) Hydroxylation/Dehydrogenation reactions require Ascorbic acid.        

16) Pellagra is precipitated by the deficiency of B1/ B6.          

17) The Dehydro/ Reduced form is the active form of Folic acid.

18) Alcohol inhibits the absorption of Thiamine/vitamin A.      

19) Histidine loading test is for the assessment of B6/ Folic acid deficiency

20) Achlorhydria can cause vitamin B6/ B12 deficiency          

21) Haem synthesis/ degradation requires Vitamin B6              

22) Carboxylation of Glutamic acid residuesrequires vitamin K/Biotin during the process of coagulation.                                                              

23) Reduction/ Dehydrogenation reactions require NADPH  

24) Lactic acidosis is associated with deficiency of B1/ B3.      

25) “Burning feet syndrome” is a feature of niacin/Pantothenic acid deficiency.

26) Sulphonamides competitively inhibit synthesis of Niacin/ Folic acid.

27) Retinol/retinoic acid is required for the regulation of gene expression and tissue differentiation.

28) 11-cis Retinal/11-cis Retinol is required for vision.          

Q.B-Name the coenzyme for each of the following reactions-


2) Pyruvate——————————–>Oxaloacetate.                                  

3) Pyruvate———————————>Alanine.                                            


5)Lysine————————————->Hydroxy Lysine.                              

6) Glutamic acid————————- —>.Gamma Carboxy Glutamic acid  

7) Malate———————————–>Oxaloacetate.                                          

8) Glutamate——————————–>Alpha keto glutarate.                        

9) Succinate ——————————->Fumarate.                                          

10) Tyrosine——————————–>Tyramine.                              

11) Homocysteine————————>Methionine.                                    

12) L- Methyl Malonyl coA————> Succinyl co A.

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