Monday, October 1, 2012

Practice MCQ

1. In recombinant DNA technology a plasmid vector is cleaved by
(A) Modified DNA ligase
(B) A heated alkaline solution
(C) The same enzyme that cleave the donor DNA
(D) The different enzyme other than that cleave the donor DNA
Answer: (C)
2. The most common plasmid vector used in genetic engineering is
(A) PBR 328
(B) PBR 322
(C) PBR 325
(D) PBR 330
Answer: (B)
3. ‘Nif gene’ for nitrogen fixation is cereal crops like wheat, jowar etc. is introduced by cloning
(A) Rhizobium meliloti
(B) Bacillus thuringiensis
(C) Rhizopus
(D) Rhizophora
Answer: (A)
4. Eco RI is an
(A) Ligase
(B) Polymerase
(C) Restriction enzyme
(D) Gyrase
Answer: (C)
5. The transgenic plant flavr savr tomato carries an artificial gene for
(A) Delay ripening process
(B) Longer shell life
(C) Added flavours
(D) All of these
Answer: (D)

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