Saturday, September 29, 2012

Molecular Biology Practice Questions Multiple Choice

1.RNA that picks up specific amino acid from amino acid pool of cytoplasm to carry it to ribosome during protein synthesis is
(a) tRNA
(b) mRNA
(c) rRNA
(d) gRNA
Answer: (a)
2.Semiconservative DNA / Chromosome replication using 14N was demonstrated by
(a) Messelson
(b) Tylor
(c) Messelson and stahl
(d) Hershey and Chase
Answer: (c)
3.Similarity between DNA and RNA is that both have
(a) Similar sugars
(b) Similar mode of replication
(c) Similar pyrimidines
(d) Polymers of nucleotides
Answer: (d)
14.Structure of DNA was given by
(a) Kornberg
(b) Nirenberg
(c) Watson and Crick
(d) Holley and Nirenberg
Answer: (c)
15.Successive nucleotides are covalently linked through
(a) Glycosidic bonds
(b) Phosphodiester bonds
(c) Hydrogen bonds
(d) Nitrogen bonds
Answer: (b)
16.Termination of polypeptide chain is brought about by
(a) UUG, UAG and UCG
(b) UAA, UAG and UGA
(c) UUG, UGC and UCA
(d) UCG, GCG and ACC
Answer: (b)
7.The basic uniot of a nucleic acid is
(a) Pentose sugar
(b) Nucleoid
(c) Nucleoside
(d) Nucleotide
Answer: (d)
8.The codon for anticodon 3’ UUUA – 5’ is
(a) 5’ AAAU- 3’
(b) 5’ UUUA- 3’
(c) 3’ UAAD- 5’
(d) 3’ AUUU- 5’
Answer: (a)
9.The common feature amongst nucleus, chloroplast and mitochondria is
(a) Lamellae
(b) DNA
(c) Cristae
(d) All the above
Answer: (b)
10.The enzyme taking part in joining two ends of DNA is
(a) Ligase
(b) Polymerase
(c) Gyrase
(d) Helicase
Answer: (a)

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