Saturday, September 29, 2012


1.Pomato is somatic
(a) Poppy and Potato
(b) Potato and tomato
(c) Poppy and tamarind
(d) Poppy and Tomato
Answer: (b)
2.Preserving germplasm in frozen state is
(a) Cryopreservation
(b) Cold storage
(c) In situ preservation
(d) Vernalisation
Answer: (a)
3.Protein helping in opening of  DNA double helix in front of replication fork is
(a) DNA gyrase
(b) DNA Polymerase I
(c) DNA ligase
(d) DNA topoisomerase
Answer: (a)
4.Pyrimidine base present in RNA in place of thymine of DNA is
(a) Uracil
(b) Adenine
(c) Cytosine
(d) Guanine
Answer: (a)
5.Restriction endonuclease is employed for cutting
(a) A single stranded DNA
(b) Double stranded DNA
(c) RNA fragment
(d) mRNA
Answer: (b)
6.Restriction endonucleases are
(a) Used in genetic engineering for uniting two DNA molecules
(b) Used for in vitro DNA synthesis
(c) Present in mammalian cells for degeneration of DNA of dead cells
(d) Synthesised by bacteria for their defence
Answer: (d)
7.Restriction enzymes are used in genetic engineering because they
(a) Can join DNA fragment
(b) Cut DNA at specific base sequence
(c) Cut DNA at variable sites
(d) Are proteolytic enzymes which degrade harmful proteins
Answer: (b)
8.Reverse transcriptase is
(a) RNA dependent RNA polymerase
(b) DNA dependent RNA polymerase
(c) DNA dependent DNA polymerase
(d) RNA dependent DNA polymerase
Answer: (d)
9.RNA contains
(a) Hexose
(b) Ribose
(c) Fructose
(d) Glucose
Answer: (b)
10.RNA does not possess
(a) Uracil
(b) Thymine
(c) Adenine
(d) Cytosine
Answer: (b)

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