Monday, October 29, 2012

CSV publication Dr. ehab aboueladab

Brandt, B.; Büchse, T.; Abou-Eladab, E.F.; Tiedge, M.; Krause, E.; Jeschke, U.; Walzel, H.; ,Galectin-1 induced activation of the apoptotic death-receptor pathway in human Jurkat T lymphocytes,Histochemistry and cell biology,129,5,599-609,2008,Springer
Walzel, H.; Fahmi, A.A.; Eldesouky, M.A.; Abou-Eladab, E.F.; Waitz, G.; Brock, J.; Tiedge, M.; ,Effects of N-glycan processing inhibitors on signaling events and induction of apoptosis in galectin-1-stimulated Jurkat T lymphocytes,Glycobiology,16,12,1262-1271,2006,Soc Glycobiology
Brandt, B.; Abou-Eladab, EF; Tiedge, M.; Walzel, H.; ,Role of the JNK/c-Jun/AP-1 signaling pathway in galectin-1-induced T-cell death,Cell death & disease,1,2,e23,2010,Nature Publishing Group
Jagannadham, M.V.; Abou-Eladab, E.F.; Kulkarni, H.M.; ,Identification of outer membrane proteins from an Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae Lz4W,Molecular & Cellular Proteomics,10,6,,2011,ASBMB
Abdel Malak, C.A.; Abou El Adab, I.F.G.; Vukashinovic, V.; Zalunin, I.A.; Timokhina, E.A.; Lavrenova, G.I.; Stepanov, V.M.; ,Buffalo (< i> Bos Buffali L.</i>) chymosin purification and properties,Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,113,1,57-62,1996,Elsevier
Abou-Eladab, E.F.; Idris, M.M.; Jagannadham, M.V.; ,Evaluation of protein preparations from bacteria using proteomics approaches: Application to an Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae,,,,,,

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