Friday, October 26, 2012

question and answer in biochemistry

1. Enzymes are basically made of
a)Nucleic acids    b)proteins   c)Fats   d)Vitamins
2. A nucleoside is formed of
a)Pentose sugar, phosphate and nitrogen base    b)Phosphate and nitrogen base   c)Pentose sugar and phosphate   d)Pentose sugar and nitrogen base
3. Which one contains four pyrimidine bases?
4. Feedback inhibition of enzyme is influenced by
a)Enzyme    b)External factors   c)End product   d)Substrate
5. Key and lock hypothesis of enzyme action was given by
a)Fischer    b)Koshland   c)Buchner   d)Kuhne
6. Sweetest sugar is
a)Fructose    b)Glucose   c)Mannose   d)Lactose
7. Water is important for the functioning of body as
a)It releases energy    b)Provides H+ ions   c)Kills microorganisms   d)It is a very good solvent
8. ATP is
a)Adenosine D-ribose triphosphate    b)Adenosine L-ribose triphosphate   c)Adenine D-ribose triphosphate   d)Adenine L-ribose triphosphate
9. The following molecule is
a)Galactose    b)Glucose   c)Fructose   d)Lactose
10. Lipids are insoluble in water as they are
a)Hydrophilic    b)Hydrophobic   c)Zwitter ions   d)Neutral

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