Monday, November 5, 2012


*1.Aminoacids are*
 a) building blocks of carbohydrates
b) building blocks of nucleic acids
 c) building blocks of lipids
d) building blocks of proteins
*2. Amino acids has*
 a) both amino group and carboxyl group
b) both amino group and keto group
c) amino group only
d) carboxyl group only
*3. The simplest amino acid is*
a) Proline
b) methionine
c) glycine
d) serine
*4. Which of the following amino acid is alpha-helix terminator
a) tryptophan
b) phenyl alnine
c) tyrosine
d) proline
*5. The first amino acid in a polypeptide chain is*
 a) Serine
b) Valine
c) Alanine
d) Methionine
*6. Which of the following amino acid has buffering capacity*
 a) Tryptophan
b) cysteine
c) histidine
d) arginine
*7. Which of the following is an imino acid*
a) serene
b) threonine
c) valine
d) proline
*8. The naturally occurring form of amino acid in proteins
* a) L-amino acids only
b) D-amino acids only
c) both L and D amino acids
d) none of these
*9. Sulphur containing amino acids are*
a) Cysteine and methionine
b) Methionine and threonine
c) Cysteine and threonine
d) Cysteine and serine
 *10. Aromatic amino acids include*
a) Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan
b) Phenylalanine, serine and tryptophan
c) Threonine, tyrosine and tryptophan
d) Asparagine, tyrosine and tryptophan
*11. Positively charged basic amino acids are*
 a) Lysine and arginine
 b) Lysine and asparagine
c) Glutamine and arginine
d) Lysine and glutamine
*12. Acidic amino acids include*
a) Arginine and glutamate
b) Aspartate and asparagine
c) Aspartate and lysine
d) Aspartate and glutamate
*13. Amino acids with hydroxyl groups are*
 a) serine and alanine
b) Alanine and valine
c) serine and threonine
d) Valine and isoleucine

*14. Absorbance at 280nm exhibited by protein is due to *
a) aliphatic amino acids
b) all amino acids
c) Non-polar amino acids
d) aromatic amino acids

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