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Role of the JNK/c-Jun/AP-1 signaling pathway in galectin-1-induced T-cell death
B Brandt, EF Abou-Eladab, M Tiedge, H Walzel
Cell death & disease 1 (2), e23
Galectin-1 induced activation of the apoptotic death-receptor pathway in human Jurkat T lymphocytes
B Brandt, T Büchse, EF Abou-Eladab, M Tiedge, E Krause, U Jeschke, ...
Histochemistry and cell biology 129 (5), 599-609
Effects of N-glycan processing inhibitors on signaling events and induction of apoptosis in galectin-1-stimulated Jurkat T lymphocytes
H Walzel, AA Fahmi, MA Eldesouky, EF Abou-Eladab, G Waitz, J Brock, ...
Glycobiology 16 (12), 1262-1271
Buffalo (Bos Buffali L.) chymosin purification and properties
CA Abdel Malak, IFG Abou El Adab, V Vukashinovic, IA Zalunin, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular ...
Identification of outer membrane proteins from an Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae Lz4W
MV Jagannadham, EF Abou-Eladab, HM Kulkarni
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10 (6), M110. 004549
Impact of Sildenafil on Smooth Muscle and Blood Vessels by Using Light and Electron Microscopy
HAAAFS Ehab Abou-eladab1,2*
British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 16 (8), 1-9
Biomarkers, Methods for Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer.
EA Faten shehata
International Journal of Advanced Research 4 (4), 1180-1191
Vitamin D deficiency and Associated Dental Caries (Review)
S Ehab Abou-Eladab,Faten Shehata
International Journal of Advanced Research (2016) 4 (5), 1239-1246
Roles Biomarkers in Basic and Clinical Research for Breast Cancer
FSSA Ehab Abou-eladab
Archives in Cancer Research 3 (No. 4: 32), 1-18
Separation, Identification and characterization of proteins by Novel techniques and application
E Aboueladab, F Shehata, S albahari
European Journal of Academic Essays, ISSN (print): 2183-3818 2 (8), 34-40
Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant and Leptin Status in Patients with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
EA Mohamed Ahmed Hassanien,Saad-El-Din Abd-El-Fattah Abou-El-Noeman
European Journal of Academic Essays 10 (1), 17-22
Buffalo Chymosin: Preparation of Buffalo Chymosin
EACA Malak
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (May 4, 2012) 1, 100 pages
Evaluation of protein preparations from bacteria using proteomics approaches: Application to an Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae
EF Abou-Eladab, MM Idris, MV Jagannadham
Nature and Science 10 (4), 102-114
Expression of CD20, CD27 positive B lymphocyte in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Immunochemical detection of Cluster of Differentiation 20 (CD20) and Cluster of Differentiation 27 (CD27)
AY Ehab Aboueladab,Walaa Fikry Elbossaty
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (February 27,2011) 1, 248 pages
Expression of CD20 versus CD27 positive B-lymphocyte in rheumatoid arthritis
WE R.Mostafa, Ali.Yousef, Ehab Abou-Eladab, A
Egypt Rheumatol Rehab 37 (3)
Galectin-1 and apoptosis: Induction of apoptosis in galectin-1 stimulated Jurkat T lymphocytes
E Aboueladab
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (May 7, 2010) 1, 144 pages
Cultivation of mushroom using the environement residues at home and maximizing the utilization of nutrition and health
Sahloul,Emara,El deeb,Aboueladab,Elbushuty
journal of Agricultural chemistry and biotechnology 1 (3), 157-168
Accepted: 28 January 2008/Published online: 21 February 2008© Springer-Verlag 2008
B Brandt, T Büchse, EF Abou-Eladab, M Tiedge, E Krause, U Jeschke, ...
Histochem Cell Biol 129, 599-609

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